Services: Consulting

VOITUS provides a full suite of customized products and services designed to take companies, as painlessly as possible, through the implementation of wireless internet solutions.

We provide the technologies, products, and services to help:

  • Mine customer databases to create new revenue opportunities
  • Heighten customer service to an unprecedented level
  • Leverage business relationships in new ways
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Provide anytime, anywhere e-commerce
  • Create easier and more entertaining ways of doing business with consumers

Developing the Business Case

Once the project specifics are understood, VOITUS can assist in development of the business case. This involves design of a revenue-generating and/or cost-containment model that can be used to cost-justify Mobile implementation. We can also assist you in development of specific marketing strategies once you are Mobile-enabled, and assist in developing strategies for forming alliances, joint ventures, and partnerships to ensure the success of your application.

Technology Decision Making

VOITUS is committed to providing the highest quality service and best-of-breed solutions in this rapidly changing and dynamic environment.

Technology decision-making services include:

  • Writing RFPs/RFQs for equipment and services
  • Publishing unbiased competitive analysis of mobile phone manufacturers.
  • Publishing unbiased competitive analysis of IP equipment manufacturers.
  • Publishing unbiased competitive analysis of ISPs and backbone providers.

Project Management

Our project management services include all of the services required to take your wireless web project online:

  • Developing requirements and concept analysis
  • Defining project organization and identifying key personnel, tentative budgets and schedules for deployment
  • Developing detailed plans including milestones, budgets and resources
  • Assessment of the plans and identifying risks and mitigation strategies
  • Procurement of required hardware and software components
  • Performing actual integration with enterprise systems
  • Confirming the results and finalizing the documentation

Applications Integration

After a project has received approval for implementation, VOITUS can assist in applications integration with other host systems:

  • Relational or XML database integration
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Intelligent applications/methods for Mobile billing
  • E-commerce

Web/Application Hosting

VOITUS is prepared to support your application through our web hosting service, combined with 24 x 7 customer support.

Testing and Training Services

In order to support on-going, in-house development efforts, VOITUS provides test-bed development and emulation environments for application developers. We can develop interoperability test plans for Mobile interfaces and are prepared to fully participate in the execution of testing your Mobile implementations under both simulated and live conditions in order to support a smooth implementation. We will also develop training material on WAP for presentation at your facilities and organize workshops as required.

Technology Migration

In future years new protocols will be developed with the needs of the wireless community in mind. VOITUS will be there to extend your applications to any new environments.

Our Protocols Support:

  • i-HTML
  • WAP
  • HTML
  • WML
  • SMS
  • MMS

VOITUS' solutions are air interface-independent, supporting all of the world's major wireless networking standards - GSM, TDMA, CDMA, and iDEN. We support existing wireless data networks such as CDPD and Mobitex. We also support emerging standards for 2.5 and 3G networks, including GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, and WCDMA.

We can extend your Internet applications to all types of handheld appliances, irrespective of their operating system - Windows CE, Palm OS, Symbian, and EPOC devices, in addition to wireless phones.