Products: Content Affiliate Programs

The affiliate content reseller module from VOITUS is one of the most functional, user friendly and reliable mobile content management platforms available on the market today. It is a tried & trusted technology platform for trading, distribution and the delivery of mobile content.

Linking all the elements in the mobile content value chain and connecting to the worlds leading content providers, Web site owners, webmasters and internet marketers, who are looking to distribute mobile content downloads across the globe.

Here at VOITUS we have one of the most highly available mobile phone content reseller programs on the Web! In other words a 1 stop-shop for ringtones, mobile games, wallpapers, animated screensavers and more! See list below for details.

Our content module sources are drawn from several providers to ensure the widest choice of content for your users and worldwide coverage in as many countries as possible. Here is an example of a typical content reseller, who uses our mobile content data feed. Website visitors can choose from a vast selection of downloads which no other program can offer:

  • 6000+ Realtones - top charts real artist tones
  • 8000+ Truetones - cover versions
  • 900+ Video Ringtones
  • 10000+ Polyphonic Ringtones
  • 4200+ Mono Ringtones
  • 300+ Mobile Software - inc. mobile pets
  • 15000+ Backgrounds / Wallpapers
  • 400+ Mobile Themes
  • 500+ Mobile Videos
  • 4300+ Fun Sounds / Sound Effects
  • 3200+ Animated Screensavers
  • 1300+ Mobile Java Games

VOITUS has been at the forefront of the mobile content business from the beginning. Our affiliate content engine has been developed and refined over the years and our experience is second to none.