Products: SMS Campaigns

VOITUS is positioned at the heart of the wireless marketing revolution. We provide SMS services to a large number of advertising agencies, marketers and end clients. Many of our solutions are best of breed in the market place and are fast becoming a standard in these industries.

Why Mobile Marketing?

The recent uptake in Mobile Marketing and Interactive Advertising has highlighted opportunities that exist for companies. Analysts have estimated the response rates of targeted mobile marketing campaigns at around 40% compared with 3% from direct mail and 1% for Internet banner ads. Leading factors contributing to the strength of mobile marketing Include: cellular market penetration, strong appeal to the 14-35 market segment, advanced real-time statistics and high Levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

VOITUS can assist you to implement:

  • SMS Advertising
  • SMS Competitions
  • SMS Voting and Polls
  • Product/Service branding
  • Promotion of specials and offers
  • Customer loyalty initiatives
  • SMS Vouchers
  • Charity Donations
  • New Product Launches
  • SMS Info-on-Demand

VOITUS offers full-service SMS Campaign Management to assist your business derive the most out of SMS.