VOITUS Products


Voitus XWALLET™ replaces the need for credit cards, checks and other traditional payment methods. Users are able to make retail, grocery store purchases, utility or loan payments, international and domestic bank to bank transactions or direct money transfers between users.   more »

Reverse SMS Billing

VOITUS premium SMS network covers more then 30 countries. Mobile Content can be billed and downloaded on any website using our integration tools. VOITUS platform provides ready scripts for text and binary mobile content subscriptions.   more »

Mobile Advertising

We are bringing mobile carriers and publishers together with advertisers for a winning mobile advertising proposition. Our state-of-the-art campaign management platform ensures that you will reach high quality traffic based on demographics, location, phone model and many other parameters.   more »

Content Engines

VOITUS Content Engine allows brands to quickly transform and distribute their content to the growing mobile audience. It provides fast and cost-effective way to ensure the success of any mobile offering.   more »

SMS Campaigns

VOITUS offers full-service SMS Campaign Management to assist your business in development and launch of various sms campagins including SMS advertising, competitions, voting, polls, vouchers, info-on-demand and many other types of campaigns.   more »

Content Affiliate Programs

The affiliate content reseller module from VOITUS is one of the most functional, user friendly and reliable mobile content management platforms available on the market today. We have one of the most highly available mobile phone content reseller programs on the Web. In other words a 1 stop-shop for ringtones, mobile games, wallpapers, animated screensavers and more!   more »

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