Products: Content Engines

VOITUS Content Engine allows brands to quickly transform and distribute their content to the growing mobile audience. It provides fast and cost-effective way to ensure the success of any mobile offering.

VOITUS Content Engine has several key features:

  • XHTML support for mobile Internet (WAP) sites with RSS and XML feeds means that mobile applications can dynamically pull images and text from the Web, allowing mobile content to be continuously and effortlessly refreshed.
  • Rich J2me handset clients for a superior consumer experience with the same rapid, efficient server side technology.
  • Automatic handset detection ensures that content is optimized for each model.
  • Allows companies to sell premium content such as alerts, ringtones and wallpapers via an on-portal billing integration module or through a premium SMS module.

VOITUS Content Engine can be paired with VOITUS mobile advertising platform, which acts as the hub for cross-media promotions by analyzing user behavior and delivering targeted campaigns personalized for relevance. It has been designed to give media and content companies a fast, cost-effective way to build a mobile presence.