Products: XWALLET™

Mobile Payments Platform

Voitus XWALLET™ replaces the need for credit cards, checks and other traditional payment methods. Users are able to make retail, grocery store purchases, utility or loan payments, international and domestic bank to bank transactions or direct money transfers between users. All transactions are performed via mobile phone, mobile pad, mobile tablet or any other traditional internet device.

Voitus XWALLET™ may be used by merchants to facilitate internet multicurrency transactions via unlimited types of traditional PC/Mac and mobile internet devices. Such transactions include subscription services and single payments per download or per stream of digitally consumable content. Voitus XWALLET™ can also be used by merchants Worldwide as a payment method for any online store transactions involving purchase of physical goods.

Mobile Wallet

Voitus XWALLET™ stores all financial information including bank, credit card details, digital coupons, tickets and access passwords on highly secure servers with geographical redundancy providing 100% availability. This allows users to make payments, purchases, money transfers and other financial transactions without having to worry about forgetting or misplacing their account details or passwords. Voitus XWALLET™ is accessible via all mobile and traditional internet devices including mobile phones, mobile pads, mobile tablets and PC/MAC computers.

XWALLET™ has been serving users from around the world as widely recognized trademark and global brand since 2002.